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7 Secrets Training System?
  • Level 1: The Science Of Selling (2 Tracks)
  • Level 2: Strategic Selling (Ways of God - 3 Tracks)
  • Level 3: Power Principles (Grace & Faith - 2 Tracks)
  • Million Dollar Negotiating Secrets Of The Apostle Paul
  • ​7 Secrets Of The Sale TOOL KIT
  • ​Bonus: Peter Daniels Recorded Interview
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welcome to 7 Secrets of the sale!
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm thrilled to have you in this program! It means you want to learn how to sell successfully without compromising your values or working 10X harder.

This course is broken down into well over 100 SHORT lessons, adding up to a very in-depth training regimen. This is so you can focus on one thing at a time, get it down, and then move on to the next. 

It will include basic material for the new salesperson, as well as more advanced training for the more experienced salesperson. All of the lessons will be shown in video format and available for audio download if desired, along with the PowerPoint notes where applicable.

Every week, we will be adding new content until the 8 weeks are completely loaded. We will most likely be adding faster than you will be learning because it's important that you become a "doer" of the training, not just a "hearer".

Let's get started!
What People Are Saying:
"You’re application of Biblical principles is without equal and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. You are a truly inspiring teacher and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the NACFC."
- Mark Minnella, President of National Association of Christian Financial Consultants
"Michael Pink is a salesman par excellence, a trainer coach extraordinaire, a seminar speaker of note, a man of Godly character with a passionate commitment to Christ."
- Daryle Doden, Former CEO & Founder of Ambassador Steel
"You were born with the heart of William Wallace… As one of America’s Greatest Teachers and Evangelists with a destiny to knight businessmen and women in the army of God. It is an honor to know and learn from you. You are one of my hero’s."
- John Beehner, Founder of TEC and CEO of Wise Counsel
Michael Q. Pink
Michael Pink Innovations LLC
P.O. Box 21193​
Sarasota, FL 34276​

Who is Michael Pink?
Over the past 33 years, Michael has pioneered the application of Biblical Strategy and Natural Law to sales and business. He has sold hundreds of thousands of his books, Had his own daily radio spot for 7 years growing to nearly 200 stations nationwide. Most recently, he led a fledgling sales organization from three struggling agents to the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America, and the 16th fastest growing company on the 2018 INC 500 list! 
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