LIVE Do-Over Saturday 7/27 @ 8:00PM EST
The "7 SECRETS" Selling System Every Christian Sales Professional Needs - To WORK LESS & SELL MORE!"
"Hidden Strategies From The Bible"
Saturday, July 27th 8:00PM EST, 7:00CST, 5:00PST
  • High Probability Selling: How to work less and sell more by applying secrets from the Parable of the Sower.
  • The Moses Questioning Strategy: Selling is not about telling! Get deals most sales people miss out on! 
  •  The Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul: A "right brain" approach that maximizes profit!
When Michael started selling copiers, he was told to expect a 25% close rate and make 6 sales in his first 90 days. Unwilling to accept a 75% failure rate, he studied and began applying spiritual laws he found in Scripture.

When he finished his first 90 days with a 100% close rate and 350% of quota, he knew he found something remarkable! Quickly becoming sales manager, he led that team to a 430% increase year over year.

He went into full time training and consulting, sharing his new found wisdom with clients and universities around the world. Increasing client sales by millions of dollars within months became common place.

Most recently, he helped a struggling 3-man sales team in commercial real estate, that was on the verge of closing down, become the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America and the 16th fastest growing company in America on the 2018 INC 5000 list!
Zig Ziglar's Success 2.0 Webcast
"We asked Michael to present his Biblically based sales training program...Not only was it one of the highest response rates ever... but the content was so impacting our chat rooms filled up quickly and remained full for the duration of the event."
"The techniques Michael outlines will help make any product successful and should even be considered during the development phase." Wes Cantrell - Former CEO of 3M/Lanier Worldwide
Serial Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, INC 500
"Using Michael's strategies, our education business went from insolvency and not able to pay its creditors to current with all its creditors, and over $30 million in sales with $6 million in profit in just 12 months!" 
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Michael Q. Pink
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Who is Michael Pink?
Over the past 33 years, Michael has pioneered the application of Biblical Strategy and Natural Law to sales and business. He has sold hundreds of thousands of his books, Had his own daily radio spot for 7 years growing to nearly 200 stations nationwide. Most recently, he led a fledgling sales organization from three struggling agents to the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America, and the 16th fastest growing company on the 2018 INC 500 list! 
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