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7 Secrets You'll Learn...
  •  Multiply Your Sales by following the 7-step blueprint God gave Moses.
  •  Work Less And Sell More by applying the secrets from the Parable of the Sower.
  • Turn Hostile Prospects Into Raving Fans by applying the secrets of the Canaanite conquest!
  • Attract Clients and Build Deep Loyalty with the 7 ways Jesus created a climate of trust!
  • Close Deals Most People Can't by using the 7 Step Moses Questioning Strategy!
  • Get Noticed & Make Your Message Stick using the communication secrets that Jesus modeled.
  • Maximize Your Profit with 31 "right brain" negotiating strategies the Apostle Paul modeled.
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The Biblical Strategies Revealed in "7 Secrets Of The Sale" Have Already Helped Countless People Dramatically Increase Their Sales!
From Michael Q. Pink:
Have you reached the income level and lifestyle you desire?

If not, it's probably not your fault...

After all, you don't know what you don't know. 

Most likely, you’ve read many sales books, been to several motivational sales seminars and have been mentored by a couple self-proclaimed expert sales managers along your career path.

Perhaps you’ve even had some formal training.

All of those things help, but deep down inside, you know you’re not where you need to be, where you want to be, and where you know you really could be.

And you’re not sure what to do about it. You might even be thinking you’re in the wrong line of work, that maybe you’re not really cut out for sales.
A Few Examples...
Over the years, I've worked with anything from Fortune 100 companies like Sysco Foods and Lucent Technologies to struggling startups.  

Watch this short video from a serial entrepreneur to hear how what's inside the book you're about to request, helped him take one insolvent company to $30 million in sales with a $6 million profit in just 12 months. 

You'll also hear how another one of his struggling companies became the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of the INC 5000!
Well, I have news for you… Nobody is inherently “cut out” for sales.

It’s a path you choose because it has more income and personal development potential than any career on earth. Take a look at how the 7 Secrets of the Sale found in the Bible dramatically impacted my early sales career...
The AMAZING Story of When I Discovered The 7 Secrets...
How They Helped Me Have A 100% Close Rate When 25% Was The Norm!
A Newbie Learns to Close 1 out of 1
If you watch the short video above this paragraph, this story will make a lot more sense to you... 

One late Friday afternoon, I received a call from a fellow, probably in his thirties. The previous month he had been let go of his "secure job" that he had held for many years.

He was married with small children and the only job he could find in quick succession was a straight commission job selling backyard satellite dishes. 

As I recall, he had been doing this for several weeks, maybe longer, and had yet to make a sale.

He was scared and didn't know what to do! 
He believed in the God of the Bible but had no idea how to translate that into practical help in the field of sales. I truly had compassion on him and spent the next couple of hours, coaching him. 

During that time, I recounted the story in the video above. He was fascinated that it was possible to have a 100% closing ratio and achieve several hundred percent of company quota even in your first few months.

In full disclosure, although I did tell him that my closing rate was 100% for my first quarter, I also informed him that for the full year, it ended up around 91%. Nevertheless, he believed the Biblical strategies I was teaching him that I had found in Solomon's teachings in the book of Proverbs and he was determined to have a 100% closing rate himself! 

He called me back one week later to tell me that every single person he presented to that week, purchased from him, AND that he had earned more that week than what he used to earn in a full month in his previous job!
"Michael wore his faith like I wanted to. He was the best teacher of the art of selling I've ever known... In my opinion everybody needs some Michael in their life."
I met David in January of 1987. It was my first day as the new sales manager for a copier company in TN. 

The VP told me that David had been with the company three months and had not made a single sale. In fact, he had turned in his resignation, but the company didn't want to let him go because it was around Christmas.

The company was trying to fit him into their "wolf" armor, but it didn't feel right. He was trying, but failing. 

The first thing I remember telling David was that he had to quit trying to wear the corporate armor, conforming to the corporate ideal of what a good salesman looked and acted like.

In other words, "You don't need to be a wolf to succeed!" He needed to be himself. He was dyslexic and stumbled through his presentations. I coached him on Level 1 tactics and steered him towards his strengths. 

He began to shine and grow in confidence. In just one year, he went from dead last to first on his team. 

But the next year, he finished in first place in a company with dozens of agents. In fact, David who they thought was most likely not salvageable, stayed with them for a quarter century finishing at #1 for most of those years!
I have seen my sales increase by up to 100% conservatively.
"I expected a high impact, super motivating program...what I got was much, much better ...I felt as if the speaker was sitting across from me, speaking in terms that I could not only understand, but could relate to also. 

I found myself rushing to listen to the next CD and eventually, to listen to that CD again. ...Since I have been using this program, I have seen my sales increase by up to 100% conservatively. 

I also signed our company's largest client...an account worth over 8.2 million dollars! I never would have called on them if I hadn't done what was suggested in the program."
Watch How This Highly Skilled Tradesman 
Transitioned Into A New Career in Sales And Became 
The Top Salesman In The Company For 18 Months Straight!
Testimonial From A Highly Successful Agent...
They Said It Wouldn't Work...
But When He Began to Break Sales Records They Quickly Changed Their Tune! 
Rob joined this company knowing he needed instruction. He was teachable and absorbed the "7 SECRETS" Sales Philosophy quickly, putting into practice from day one. 

By the end of his first full year, he had become salesman of the year and winner of an all expense paid trip to his dream destination!
There is Nothing Like This. 
It's Amazing!

I've Grown Multiple Million Dollar Companies...

"If you're seriously looking at increasing your world, you should get involved with Michael Pink. God has given him so many special gifts and you need to let him pass those on to you..."

I've Grown Multiple Million Dollar Companies...

"If you're seriously looking at increasing your world, you should get involved with Michael Pink. God has given him so many special gifts and you need to let him pass those on to you..."
Chris Davis, HomeStar Realtors
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
You Don't Need Twenty Ways To Close A Sale...
(Unless You're Looking For Creative Ways To Drive Prospects Away!)
7 SECRETS OF THE SALE Has Already Helped Countless Thousands Around The World Experience Incredible Sales Results
The Question Is... Are YOU Ready For This?
Are You Ready To Live Your Life 
On A Whole New Level?
Friends. There is a whole new life awaiting you. 

It's one of achievement with contentment. It offers success and stability, recognition and reward. But, it's not without effort.

It's not without the occasional setback, but as you will learn in the book, you can be equipped to meet any problem head on and turn them into great provision, because problems are the great reservoir of provision just waiting for someone to unlock them!

I believe there is nothing better than the pure word of Scripture to inform us on life's issues, and yes, that includes selling and business!

No doubt you’ve heard others talk about success. You may have even purchased their programs in the past, only to find out that their success was built on people like you buying them, rather than on their own past, proven, accomplishments.

Haggai, the fiery Old Testament prophet, reminds us that when the unclean mixes with the clean, they both become unclean. Jesus said it simply; “a little leaven, leavens the whole.”

May I encourage you sincerely... Get the book. It's FREE. No credit card required. No hidden continuity program to enter. 
It's my way of introducing myself and what I've learned in nearly 45 years of sales and business life - to you.

This is my 15th book and my previous books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. 

This is the first time however that I have ever made a digital copy available for free to whosoever will.

I say all this to tell you, that you getting this book and reading it, will in no way altar my life. 

It won't change a thing for me, but I know, that I know, that I know... 
It can be the beginning of a seismic shift in your life!
This FREE Digital version of the book will go away. Once we get the printed version in our warehouse, they will go on sale, and I don't anticipate offering the E-book version as a FREE download from that point forward.
I haven't set a firm date for printing yet because I am hoping to hear from some of you about your thoughts and experiences after applying what you learn in it.

Speaking of feedback...

I received an inquiry a few weeks back from a gentleman in a new sales and marketing related position. We didn't know each other but he was interested in buying some of my course material. 

Instead, I gave him an ADVANCE copy of 7 SECRETS OF THE SALE in digital form. A week or so later, I received his unsolicited email from him... 

"I wanted to share a testimony. This weekend I was working our sales table at an event in Nashville. Using what I learned in your book I sold $20,349.00 worth of our product when the tables around me didn't even do half of that. I even had people thank me for selling to them. That's never happened before! Thanks for sharing your book with me."
Like All Offers, This One Has A Time Limit, So Claim Your FREE Digital Copy Now, Before We Get The Printed Copies Ready For Sale!
When you get the book and apply what it says, let me know about your story, how it impacted your life. When I hear back from you, as a way of thanking you for staying in touch, I will send you my first business book, The Bible Incorporated - In Your Life, Job & Business in digital form. 

It's pure Scripture, compiled without commentary on 101 work and business topics. It went on to become one of the best selling Christian business books of all time.
Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I'm excited about what the future holds for you! 

Enjoy your book and let me know how you do with it!

Michael Q. Pink
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Fair enough?

Enjoy your book NOW...
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